Section One: The Fundamentals of Community Schools

A crowd of students.

An Introduction to Community Schools

Learn about the definition of Community Schools, why they work, and what it takes to implement them.

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Policies that Advance Community Schools

Understand the policy mechanisms and principles that underpin Community Schools and see how they are being implemented in states.

Section Two: Four Pillars of Community Schools

Integrated Student Supports

A dedicated staff member coordinates support programs to address out-of-school learning barriers for students and families. Mental and physical health services support student success.

Learn about the first pillar

Expanded and Enriched Learning Time and Opportunities

Enrichment activities emphasize real-world learning and community problem solving. After-school, weekend, and summer programs provide academic instruction and individualized support.

Learn about the second pillar

Active Family and Community Engagement

Schools function as neighborhood hubs. There are educational opportunities for adults, and family members can share their stories and serve as equal partners in promoting student success.

Learn about the third pillar

Collaborative Leadership and Practices

Parents, students, teachers, principals, and community partners build a culture of professional learning, collective trust, and shared responsibility through site-based leadership teams and teacher learning communities.

Learn about the fourth pillar

Section Three: Resources You Can Use

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Use this practical guidance, opinion research, and message points to be an effective communicator for community schools.

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Model Legislation

Use these sample bills and resolutions to enact community schools policies at state, city, county, and school board levels.

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Community Schools in ESSA State Plans

From Maryland to New Mexico, Ohio to Hawaii, see how states are activating community schools through ESSA.

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Implementation Resources

A collection of guides, standards, strategies, and other tools for implementing Community Schools.


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Use these videos, graphics, and memes to share the story of Community Schools with your network.

An infographic about Community Schools.


Use these videos, graphics, and memes to share the story of Community Schools with your network.